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The purpose of this page is to show off some of my favorite poets by posting their works here or providing a link to their websites or both.


Poppy Silver is a U.K. poet and musician who never fails to wow me with her work. She is a member of the band O.R.M.E.. She also does much to promote the members of the online writing community. I am blessed and/or lucky to call her my friend.

The Website she's asked me to link is Apollo Blessed:

Here's a sample of her stunning poetry.

Tiptoe to God
I do believe the light has not only gone out 
But there is chaos within this soul
 That nothing can remedy

 I do believe the storm has arrived
 The tower has crumbled
 There is no way of rising from the debris

 I am certain that time has bestowed a curse upon me
 I await the days ahead with dread
 No sound
 Silence bleeds
 Fate seethes

 And whose voice shall replace loneliness?
 Not my own, it only laughs

 Such a void
 Again and again
 Devour me

 I stand alone
 And no longer care

   An innocent heart
 A tired face
 Arms raised
 A cosmic test

 Set to default
 Through pain
 Set to default
 Through anguish

 "Once again
 Humble flower
 I welcome you"

 Despair whispers at this hour

 God, share your empathy?
 Apologies are not nearly enough

 Test again
 Power diminished

 No more punishment
 Of realisation
 Of death
 Of rebirth

 I shall await
 Time has no hold
 There will be a clear sky
 After the thunder decides when enough is enough

 This cross is too heavy
 Carry it with me
 Lacerated tragedy breathes inside of me
 This is an end
 Without a beginning

 Copyright PoppySilver 2011

R. Renee Vickers AKA MuSe AmpouLe is a fantastic poet with a brilliant tilt toward surrealism. She is currently doing an interview series and working on a novel that I can't wait to read. Renee's work, at times, can knock the breath out of you. She is an amazing poet, author and friend.

The website she's asked me to link is her Wordpress site:

Here is a sample of her stunning poetry:

Conquering The Light

 A nicotine stained Cheshire Cat smile watches artificially  illuminated hopes
and dreams.  Fathomless black coaxes shadow myths from the minds and delusions
from the souls; all seeking the light, an  escape from the night. We walk broken
streets – ashen cement turns to  dust with each step, the pressure of our wants
crush all before us into  bloody twitching heaps. The smile never fades, always
watching our  follies.

 Down in a lowly pool she swims, the keeper of our godly potential.  Viscous
black suspension reflecting stars above reminds all who seek  knowledge that
there is a price to pay. Her multicolored luminous scales count the weight of
our accomplishments and speculate on the profit of  dreams. Temptation begs you
to drown with her for being human makes it  possible.

 Rising mercury splits the ends of harried whiskers and his amber eyes refract
all you failed to be. His sharp-tooth grin reminds you of the  long summer days
you spent conspiring to conquer the light. And his red  frizzed fur rips your
burnt flesh to bits. Barking a question he asks  you why you tried in the first
place. Your answer… a simple gesture to  the moon whose nicotine stained smile
laughs back at you.

Copyright 2011 R. Renee Vickers

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